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Chiropractic philosophy and care and has been at the leading edge of health care for over a century. While leading edge scientists are currently validating the existence of a unifying energetic field, Chiropractic has always embraced the philosophy that there is a Universal life force.

Within our amazing bodies there exists an innate wisdom that coordinates and motivates every action and reaction, including healing. Vital to the transmission of this innate wisdom is our nervous system that serves as the body’s main communication system.

Physical, emotional sensory, mental and chemical inputs can create patterns within the nervous system called subluxations. In releasing these patterns, which are stored in the body as tension, we create more freedom, flexibility and ease. Through releasing these patterns, you will feel more present, less connected to the way things “used to be” in your body and in your life. These can range from chronic symptoms, old thought patterns, and processes, becoming truly part of your past.

As a chiropractor, it is not my job to change people’s health, but to let them experience more of who and how they are. If that experience creates change because of discomfort or increased awareness, that is welcomed, but not because I think they "should" change, or because it will make someone feel better. My work isn’t about people feeling better. It is about people better feeling. So many of us are so blocked we don’t know how to feel anymore and we think the absence of pain means we feel good. It is not in the absence of feeling that we grow, but in the presence of it, whether good or bad, that we can appreciate what it means to be alive. And that is what the adjustment does. It wakes us up to our lives and to the possibilities inherent within, giving us the ability to choose differently and with greater awareness and consciousness. It isn’t about getting out of pain. It is about stepping in to our pain, so that we may understand why it exists and let go of it. It is there for a reason. When people are ready, I am there to serve them in their process of unfolding health and well-being.

While it is impossible to predict how your body will respond to chiropractic care, it is undeniable that your body will function better as the stress and tension stored in your system begins to release. The following is a short list of results people noticed after they began receiving chiropractic care in our office:

Results include profound physical, emotional, and spiritual changes, such as:

* decreased pain
* elimination of longstanding, debilitating physical conditions
* increased energy
* restoration of healthy patterns
* dietary changes
* improved sleeping patterns
* lifestyle changes decreased smoking, drinking, overeating
* postural changes
* better decision making
* healthier decisions related to work and relationships
* increased coherent emotional expression
* increased body awareness
* increased creative expression
* return of regular body function

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