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Clinical Nutrition Specialist, Susan Miller, D.C., a chiropractor, has wellness practices in both Massachusetts and Maine that provide personalized, structured programs for regaining good health and vitality. Combining her extensive training in applied clinical nutrition and her energetic chiropractic approach, she addresses the status of the entire body system, helping many to turn their health around with ease.

Using a powerful and effective non-invasive assessment tool, Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), Dr. Susan Miller, a chiropractor and clinical nutrition specialist, will assess your body’s organs and systems to create a comprehensive whole-body picture of your physical health. She will identify:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Physical weaknesses in your body’s organs and glands
  • Sources of weight-loss challenges
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Immune challenges

Using NRT, Dr. Miller then will determine the priorities for your body and create a targeted program of whole-food nutritional supplementation and gradual diet modification to address your body’s unique needs for regaining full health and vitality. Reverse the effects of aging. Rebuild, revitalize and re-energize your body.  
Almost all of our physical conditions respond and may even resolve with specific nutritional support. For most clients, the immediate increase in vitality and joy is a primary motivator.
www.vibrantlifewellness.com vibrantlifewellness@gmail.com (207) 563 6060

Carol Reynolds, Body Dynamics Founder and Developer, T. Schreiber Studio Faculty.
Carol will tailor her session to whatever the client needs in terms of hands on bodywork or a session devoted to body awareness.  Her work is gentle and profound.  An actress and dancer, Carol Reynolds is affiliated with the American Dance Therapy Association and the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis. Previously with the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she has tailored a specialized program for actors. She has taught dance at several colleges across the county and at the Dance Theatre of Harlem.
Call (212) 288 8380
for more information about Body Dynamics courses or private sessions with Carol Reynolds.

Bethany Fancher is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in Swedish massage, cranio-sacral work, and pre and post natal massage. Bethany’s intuitive and powerful touch is wonderfully healing. rosemarypotato@hotmail.com (718)755-5361

Laura Ward is a Laban movement analyst, personal trainer and choreographer with a background in connective tissue therapy. Her work will help you create healthy movement patterns and develop self awareness through physical motion. www.octaviacup.com octaviacup@yahoo.com

Shelley Von Strunckel is an internationally acclaimed astrologer. She resides in London and New York and keeps the residents of both well informed as to the planetary effects on their daily lives. Her lectures are insightful, illuminating and reassuring. A blurb from her bio- Shelley von Strunckel is best known to the public for bringing respect to her field and her ground-breaking approach to its presentation. She’d already been a consulting astrologer for fifteen years before creating the first ever astrological column in the London Sunday Times newspaper in 1992.  In addition, she uses astrology to analyse people in the news, ranging from politicians to movie stars.  She has devised a new style of astrological journalism in which the planets and signs are employed to create a revealing thumbnail sketch of high profile and intriguing subjects; these currently appear in the Evening Standard’s ES Magazine. Visit www.shelleyvonstrunckel.com for more information.

Gabriel Ettenson, PT is a NYS licensed manual therapist who specializes in a therapeutic technique known as Vibration Therapy. This technique, around since the 1990's and quite popular in Europe, utilizes a vibration platform and careful body positioning to stimulate muscle activation, increase lymphatic system mobility and circulation, and enhance postural muscle coordination. He has practiced for over 11 years and is currently in private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. His gift of health and healing is a Vibration Therapy introduction and treatment. See www.equilibriumpt.com for more information about Gabriel and his practice.  (212) 472 5820.

Amalia Haddad, Licensed Acupuncturist. (646) 322-0526
Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine stimulates and awakens the natural healing abilities within our bodies to restore balance and health. After seeing how Acupuncture helped me, I decided to leave the world of Western Medicine to pursue my own Acupuncture practice.  Since 1998, I have been working with patients to treat a variety of diseases as well as to develop individualized protocol for preventative care.  From managing pain for cancer patients, to successfully treating women with infertility issues, my focus is to help you achieve your full physical potential.

Whether you suffer from allergies, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, stress, autoimmune disease, or if you would like to quit smoking or lose weight, take the time now to experience the healing benefits of Acupuncture.  I am happy to offer free consults to new patients.

Kristen Arnett, professional make up artist and consultant.  She helps people express their inner beauty on the outside. When international makeup artist Kristen Arnett is not globe trotting to work on runways and photo shoots, she offers private clients the opportunity to learn her professional secrets on looking radiantly beautiful. For more information please visit www.kristenarnett.com

AMY J. BURKE, D.C. 19 E. 71st STREET, SUITE 5A, NEW YORK, NY 10021  . 212. 861. 2015   . amy@flourishnyc.com