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is a Certified Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Interfaith Minister, and licensed massage therapist. Jin Shin Jyutsu physio-philosophy is the ancient art of harmonizing body, mind and spirit with gentle touch. It facilitates balance in the body's energy systems, which promotes health, and well being. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an invaluable complement to conventional healing methods, inducing relaxation, reducing the effects of stress, and assisting our innate healing capacity.

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Artist Jane Mason is pleased to offer these spirit-based monoprints in a series entitled VIDA , meaning life. These Vida pieces celebrate the miracle that is our life.
Each one features as its center a heart milagro, meaning miracle in Spanish.
Traditionally, milagros are small charms made of tin, wood, silver or, sometimes, gold.

Parishioners offer these milagros in churches in gratitude for an answered prayer or as a reminder to a priest or a saint of a specific need. They are also carried as symbols of protection and good luck. The artist became fascinated with this folk custom during her travels in Mexico and Italy.

Although every print in the series will feature the same milagro theme and central design, each piece is different in coloration and detail. Since every part is hand done, no two will be, or could be, exactly alike even though most will have the title ¡Aye, que milagro!--meaning , oh, what a miracle! The average size of the image is 8” by 10” on paper about 11” by 14”. Prints may be personalized.

Each milagro is composed of up to six different plates forming separate layers, individually hand-rolled with French oil-based inks. Then additional inks are layered on in various stages. Finally, acrylic paints, pigments, ink, oil pastels, hand-stamping, and/or collage may be added in the creation making each one unique. The process for each takes more than a month.

The artist, Jane Traford Mason (Burke),
is a nationally known printmaker who has exhibited for the past three decades in galleries around the world and has been the subject of several one-woman shows of her now famous hand-colored etchings, monoprints, lino prints and collographs. Her largest current representation is at the Nancy Dodds Gallery in Carmel, California. Jane is honored to feature these milagros on the site of my greatest production, Dr. Amy, chiropractor extraordinaire and my daughter. Thank you, Amy, forever and always for all that you are. I celebrate your life!

The specific images shown here may or may not be available.
They are used as samples. Inquire
Price: $400. unframed + shipping

Roe_Ann_Vida Lily_Milagro
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