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Chiropractic Care for Women During Pregnancy: 

Amy and Peter - Photography by Christine Cliatt

Why should I receive chiropractic adjustments during my pregnancy? 

Pregnancy is an amazing process, during which the mother’s body must adapt to and create literally millions of changes.
Chiropractic adjustments will aid this process by allowing the body to discover where it is holding unneeded tension and
helping gently to release it. 

Expected results include:

  • Better function
  • Decreased back and pelvic pain
  • Increased ease with natural changes related to pregnancy
  • Increased pelvic space facilitating the baby’s growth
  • Increased pelvic space facilitating labor and delivery
  • Decreased labor time
  • A deepened awareness of one’s body
  • Increased appreciation of all the processes that occur during pregnancy
  • Increased ease and comfort during labor and birth

How often should I get adjusted during my pregnancy? 
As often as feels right to you. We suggest getting adjusted regularly, as part of your new routine. Weekly appointments allow us to help your body adapt during this period of rapid change. The goal is to gently allow the body to relax and open as tension patterns melt away. Our office provides a welcoming environment that celebrates and honors the process of pregnancy. 
May I continue my other types of prenatal care while receiving chiropractic care?
There are no contraindications for the gentle type of chiropractic adjustments that I perform. Chiropractic care is not a replacement for any other type of health care. It is designed as a beneficial addition to your regular prenatal health routine.

Will I be comfortable during the adjustments?
 I have special adjusting props to create comfort and ease during your time with me. Your comfort is of utmost concern to me. As your body grows and changes, you will truly welcome your visits to Flourish nyc. Most of my pregnant mothers don’t ever want to get off the table!

What is Amy Burke’s training related to pregnancy? 
I have assisted in teaching the Bio-Geometric Integration module for the ICPA, which specifically addresses pregnancy.

In 2006 our daughter Lily was born. All the training in the world couldn’t have prepared me for the extraordinary journey of being pregnant and becoming a mother. It is with great joy that I share my experience with women and families in my practice. The knowledge we gained through our adventure is my gift to share with you.

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Amy Pregnant - Photography by Christine Cliatt

Photography by Christine Cliatt

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